Life Update!

Hey guys!

It really has been a while since I last posted and I’d like to apologize! I got caught up in life and I’m still learning the balance of work and blog and social life. Before I started blogging it was very easy to assume it was just taking pictures and throwing some text on there, I was sadly mistaken, there’s so much that goes into it behind the scenes! But I am getting better so again be patient with me!

First life update, I quit my job! Not my full-time job. When I moved to Columbus it took me a while to find jobs, I had started applying in D.C. when I found out we’d be moving, and it was like pulling teeth. Honestly at first, I had my hopes high I knew Columbus was way smaller than D.C. but I still pushed it a little bit and applied for jobs that were Monday-Friday typical 9-5 because I was honestly being a little selfish and wanted to spend more time with my babe. Bad idea. I lowered my standards really fast and started applying to just anything because I was stir crazy, after being told I was over qualified for some jobs (apparently having a BA just means more people don’t want to pay you more, go figure) I finally started getting interviews and when they came, they came in an abundance. I ended up interviewing for a full-time position and getting the job on the spot, the day after accepting I got a call back from Francesca’s offering me a job there too.

If you know me, you know how much I love Francesca’s and honestly any southern type boutique in general, after letting them know I had just accepted another position and I wouldn’t know the schedule there fully, they told it was super minimal part time and they’d work with the schedule and they were really interested in me, I accepted. So yes, I had 2 jobs AND I still had to run my blog and have a social life, exhaustion creeped in fast, not to mention I’m weirdly anemic so I was hurting. After a really good shift at Francesca’s one day on my only day off in literally 6 days, I came home and did some thinking. I loved working at the boutique, but it was taking a toll on my health. I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to half-ass things if I’m doing it, you betcha my whole ass is in! So I was sad when I came to the realization that for right now I’d have to let the job I loved go because I couldn’t fully dedicate as much time to it as I wanted, and because it would make more sense to keep the job where I made more for right now. I still love the boutique I always will I’ll continue to shop there (maybe online for a while lol) but it just wasn’t my time.

Aside from that, there have been a few good things happening! I was in Savannah a few weeks ago to witness my best friend getting engaged! It was a very emotional day and I almost told her about it once, so I’m very glad I can freely help plan the wedding now and not hold the secret in. Congratulations again Jordan & Devin!! I also spent this past weekend in Savannah celebrating St.Patties with my honey, my sister, her boyfriend and my best friend and her family. Everything’s been looking up lately, I’m feeling more optimistic about this year, and it’s the first day of spring! Lot’s of exciting things are coming! Stay tuned and enjoy the pictures of me with my two favorite people in the world!

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