Spring Wishlist

Wishlist spread112
1. Marc Fisher espadrille 2. Full-Bloom Romper 3.Wrap Dress 4. Bamboo Tote (available in different sizes at different retailers!) 5. Poplin top

Spring has sprung! While it may be cloudy and damp outside right now and, only 46 degree’s I’m so excited for the warmer weather coming and all the flowers already blooming!

Today I wanted to share some of the pieces I have my eye on right now! I’ll be sure to attach links so you guys can shop them too. I am currently loving the espadrille platforms because honestly I love a good versatile shoe and I can see myself wearing it all spring and summer. I’ve also had my eye on a cool floral romper and wrap dress, one a little bit more muted and crisp that I can style up and the other you can go either way, dress it up or down but the pop of color is necessary! An off the shoulder look is a must have I feel like, they aren’t always the most functional but they are cute. Lastly, I started seeing this bamboo bag making an appearance last year, I hated it…it has grown on me so much, I don’t know why I hated this poor bag in the first place because it is literally perfect for the warm beach days and Summer vacations ahead.

I see some spring cleaning in my near future, it’s definitely time for me to put some pieces up on my poshmark and make space for new items.Be sure to follow me on instagram (@ArdeenAleena) as i’ll post my poshmark there along with the new items! I hope everyone is having a lovely spring so far, drop a comment below on some of your spring must haves!

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