Mother’s Day gift guide!

Mother’s Day gift guide!


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Mothers Day is right around the corner and if you haven’t gotten your gifts yet, you’re a little behind but never fear, my gift guide is here. From jewelry all the way down to flowers I’ve got you covered with ideas.

When I was younger me and my siblings would save up all of our lunch money to get my mum whichever gift we picked out, she was always surprised no matter what we showed up with.  We also used to make her a handmade card because we knew it was her favorite.  Now we’re older and can spoil her I take pride in trying to find something she’ll love, but you can truly never get your mother anything that compares to the love she has given you over the years.

I hope you guys enjoy the guide! I can’t reveal till later what I got for my mother as she’s probably reading this right now (Hi mama), you’ll see it on your day! What are some cute mothers day traditions you guys have?! and have you already gotten your gifts?!


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