Army Life

Hello Lovelies!

As we approach memorial day weekend, I wanted to do my post about army life as promised ahead of time, because Nick and I will be in Nashville celebrating with friends.

Nick and I are 2 years into our relationship (with more than half being long distance) and heading into our 3rd permanent change of station (PCS). Nick and I met in Savannah,GA he then moved to DC (I followed after graduation) then Columbus and our next stop is Italy.

I didn’t grow up in a military household, so meeting my dad and getting introduced to that lifestyle at 17 was interesting for sure. I met Nick at a crazy time in my life and had no idea we would’ve been where we’re at  now but i’m so grateful for our journey. Every relationship definitely has it’s up’s and downs and hats off to the women who have been married to military for a long time, I am learning some things! Here’s a couple things i’ve learned about myself  from dating Nick;

  • I can adapt to situations, a lot faster than I ever even knew I could
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate it’s all you can do
  • Don’t take life to seriously, things can change very quickly
  • I can meet and bond with people very quickly
  • Buying furniture is the bane of my existence, especially when you move as often as we do
  • I am a pro packer
  • Home is a person not a place.

and that’s just some of it. I’m writing this post because I love my boyfriend, I love my family and I love this country but it is hard and, if one person reading this can relate and needs someone to talk to I am here. It’s going to be extremely hard, it requires a lot of work but if you love that person and you’r willing to both make the sacrifices, it’ll all be okay.


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