Travel Diaries; Day 2

The long awaited day two post! Sorry for the wait I’ve been super selfish and spending time with Nick as our PCS approached, he is now in our new home and I cannot wait to join him in a few months. Please pray for a speedy process for me so I can be reunited with my heart, also pray for my sanity.

Day two in Hawaii was a little more relaxing, we knew what to expect at this point and we were ready!

We woke up pretty early, checked the forecast so we could track the vog and see which side of the island we could go to, packed up and went on our way. We stopped at one of the markets to grab some breakfast that we could eat en route as it was almost a 2 hour commute to the other aide of the island.

After a long drove and some rain that almost caused us to turn around, we arrived at Papakolea beach (or at least the parking lot) w sparked the car, grabbed our backpacks and talked to the locals, turned out for a charge hey would load us up into their trucks and drove us out to the beach because it was a 3 mile hike. I immediately opted for the ride as lord knows, i still hadn’t recovered from the 15 Miles we did the day before. This ride was no joke, there was lava rock and sand everywhere, it took about 10/15 minutes of standing in the back of his pick up truck and holding on for dear life but we made it to the actual beach (barely). Pulling up to the beach me and Nick looked equally disappointed as we were on top of a cliff looking down and we thought we had poorly planned this trip yet again, turns out there was a cliff face we had to walk down…again. Nick headed off full speed down in front of me and I kicked off my shoes and headed down behind him, it looked a lot more intimidating than it actually was and we made it down in maybe a minute of that, set up and kicked back for the day.

I highly recommend always having snacks and bringing a backpack with you, this was our saving grace the entire vacation as you really do have to park and walk to wherever you need to go on the big island and, you’ll probably be spending the day after the grief of getting to your destination so snacks and hydration are a must.

We definitely enjoyed papakolea, Nick got more great footage (I still need to make the videos) and i lounged all day because the water was way too rough. After spending a few hours on the beach we decided to head back, the weather was changing and I’d had enough drinks, we climbed back to the top where the locals were again, this time I actually considered walking back…but somehow we ended up taking a ride back after pictures on the edge of a cliff. On the way back the driver stopped and grabbed everyone some green sand as a souvenir, he said something over it in Hawaiian to the people in the back and then brought me mine (I ended up riding shotgun because everyone else was too scared, rightfully so that ride was no joke) he said the same thing over mine and then something to ‘bless my marriage’. I’d like to point out at this time Nick and I did not get secretly married but after saying boyfriend several times, this man decided that we were married and I wasn’t going to argue so I put my wife face on. I actually ended p bringing some of the sand back with me, we put it in a mason jar with some of the rocks we had collected and it’s not displayed happily as a reminder of our first vacation together.

I highly recommend going to Papakolea of yo ever get the chance, it’s pretty remarkable that this island has a black sand and a green sand beach! These are things you never get to see again.


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