Travel Diaries; Day 3


Hey guys! Getting back into the rhythm of posting thankfully! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I spent mine watching the navy blue angels, they are incredibly talented, then in celebration of my dad’s birthday we had dinner on the beach (more like near the beach, the restaurant was packed and we had an hour wait) but it was nice!

On to day 3 in Hawaii, this may have been my favorite day of the entire vacation. Nick and I woke up super early and with GoPro in hand, strolled over to a hammock with the ocean on one side and resort/golf course on the other to watch the sunrise. There were a few other people out getting their early morning jog in and kudos to them, we jogged day 1 and that was it! The sunrise was beautiful (as is everything on this island) and after taking a few pictures and some meditation near Buddha for me, we went back to the room to start our day. Having already gone to a black sand beach and a green sand beach, we decided on a white sand beach near by which was filled with driftwood (it was like my Hawaii Jekyll island) we got dressed, packed our bags, stopped and grabbed breakfast and headed out. Waialea beach was a 15 minute drive from the resort to the beach, it’s $5 for non locals to park but the ticket is for the whole day, i don’t think it’s expired till around 8pm and we got there and 730am. We found our perfect spot and set up for the day, Nick in full blogger boyfriend mode, grabbed my camera and told me to get into the shopjojos outfit I had brought with me so he could snap pictures before the beach got busy ( like could I love this man anymore??) we snapped all of our pictures and then lay out, he dove into his snorkeling while I lay and recover from my shoot and the sand bank i had fallen down 20 minutes prior (it was epic) again, as i said in my day 2 post, i always recommend bringing snacks, food and your own drinks to the beach because their isn’t really any stores nearby to grab them.

After a couple of hours on the beach we headed back to the hotel because we really hadn’t spent much time there, we switched out swimsuits and went to explore the pools. Nick used this as the perfect time for him to teach me how to swim, through great struggle (on my end obviously) we made some progress, took a nap in our room and then got ready for dinner.

Nick made these dinner reservations maybe 2 weeks before we came to Hawaii for Kamuela Provision Company (KPC for short) and was so excited about it, rightfully so. We strolled over there right as the sun was setting, the temperature was perfect and the sky was the most beautiful I had ever seen it but honestly, everything was beautiful on this island. We got to KPC and waited to be sat we were a little early but it’s okay because they weren’t super busy and overflowing…yet. We had dinner on the patio which overlooked the ocean, and Maui. Hands down was the most romantic date I had ever been on in my life, everything was exceptional, the food was great. Our appetizer was the KPC limu poke, main course I had the lamb chops, I couldn’t even tell you what Nick had if I tried. As a Brit, I know lamb…this was THE BEST lamb I had ever had, in my life. I’ve also never made it to dessert because as much as i love to eat, I have the stomach of a child but you better believe I made it to dessert that night, Nick had the Kona Coffee Mudslide which looked epic, I gained 5lbs just looking at it and, I opted for the coconut creme brûlée I still have no ragrets and still often daydream about it.

If you are on this island i highly recommend stopping by KPC, it’s one of the nicest restaurants on the island and highly recommended by everyone (me included) it was what I needed after a stressful day of learning to swim, definitely get a seat on the patio if you can and go at sunset so you can enjoy your dinner with a view. I’m already planning when we can go back and i’m sure the army will get back to us on that.

P.S. this night may or may not have ended with us walking back to our room and passing out from a food coma.

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