Travel Diaries; Day 4&5


Okay guys, this is the last of it. I normally would never take this long to write a post about anything but honestly timing was all off, we really did go from Hawaii, back home for LESS THAN 12 HOURS, to repack and head to New York to spend some time with Nick’s family, then came back and dove right into PCS shenanigans because we were behind. I may have done it a million times at this point but packing up your home is pretty stressful, and, this time we had to ship Nick’s car so please forgive me!

Day 4 was bittersweet because we knew it was our last full day and were not happy bout going back to reality at all! This was the first vacation we had ever taken as a couple and it was our first in like 5 years. We had taken mini vacations and been to Nashville and stuff, but nothing beats an actual vacation.

Our last full day consisted of another white sand beach and some more swimming lessons back at the hotel. The beach was lovely as always, this time  we went to Ka’elehuluhulu beach. Fun fact; this beach has a sign out front alerting you about what to do if you spot a Hawaiian monk seal, Hawaiian’s refer to them as Ilio-holo-i-ka-uaua, which means dogs that runs in rough waters, they are super endangered with only 1,400 of them left being in the wild and it was pretty cool and we spent the day trying to rescue monk seals, we didn’t see one haha!. After parking we did a 2 mile hike across lava rock and sand to get to the beautiful beach and it was really worth it. We were greeted by the clearest blue waters and white sand, the waves were pretty calm so I actually got in the water for a little bit before my paranoia about sharks set in (i’m a child, I don’t know how Nick copes honestly). After we had enough beach, we headed back I continued my swimming lessons for an hour  then it was onto our next adventure.

Mauna Kea. Now if you even know me in the slightest you know I am deathly afraid of heights, like I will think about it and give myself a panic attack type anxiety….but, if you know my boyfriend, you know the more I tell him this, the bigger of a mountain he picks for us to climb because he knows I don’t like to quit even if it means i’ll cry the entire way to the top. Mauna Kea is a dormant volcano and the second largest mountain (after Everest) in the world and sits 4,207m above sea level. After driving through the clouds (literally the coolest and scariest experience ever, Nick thought I was going to pass out the entire time) we got to a spot where we were told to park. It was insane, at ground level of the island it was 80 degree’s and now we were at the top it was in the low 50’s and dropping, we had done our research though, so just remember if you decide to do this to bring warm clothes! We went to watch the sunset, and the temperature drops as fast as the sun does! Embarrassing story of the day for you guys now that we’ve established my fear of heights, we went pretty far up this mountain which in my mind I swear was the TINIEST PATH I have ever seen and the lava rock made me think I was going to slip and fall to my death because i’m a tad dramatic, and extremely clumsy.Nick went strolling off thinking I was behind him but I had frozen on one of the sides where he left me because people were just buzzing past me so fast that I just stayed put (but ofcourse at this point i’m on the edge of the dang mountain) and I managed to take a panorama because it was amazing but the real fact is I could not move. When Nick realized where I was he tried to coax me into coming up the mountain I was paralyzed with fear…Nick didn’t believe me and laughed until he realized I really wasn’t joking, then he had to drag me up the mountain to which I begged to be taken back down. Best and scariest experience of my life. I may or may not have cried. After regaining feelings in my legs and making it back to the bottom we went back to the car to warm up, it was dark at this point and so we got out sat on the hood and did some star gazing, in the distance you could see the Kilauea volcano glowing in the distance it was the perfect ending to the perfect vacation, with an amazing (and happy to still be alive) boyfriend.

Day 5 consisted of packing and a lot of sulking from both of us not wanting to leave, but also happiness that we got to experience this amazing vacation together. Hawaii was one for the books.

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