“You can’t sit with us”

“You can’t sit with us”

Guys it’s literally October, I don’t know how we got here! I’m excited though because it’s my favorite outfit season! This past weekend I spent some time in South Carolina with my best friend and my second mother wedding dress shopping, She found her dream dress and now so have to keep that secret for a year, so help me God. Then we did the most epic shoot for her boutique! If you haven’t bought something from Shopjojo’s you’re seriously missing out! Also, right now she’s having a end of summer sale so get in there while everything is still available!

As many of you know mean girls day was 2 days ago and Ofcourse I’m fashionably late, but don’t worry I wore my pink on October 3rd and now you’ll have your chance too. The “you can’t sit with us” skirt dropped on October 3rd and is the perfectttt little skirt for fall. As a child I hated Corduroy, and my mum loved putting me in it. I can honestly say now at 23 this skirt is the best corduroy anything to have touched my body! It’s so soft and versatile and perfect to wear with booties! You can dress it up or you can pair it with the southern belle crop top just like I did! (My hips are 39 inches and I’m wearing a size small for reference!) it fit me pretty snug, but I have a small waist so it was perfect for me!

Keep in mind orders over $75 all qualify for free shipping. Happy fall y’all !

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