Hello 2019…

Hello 2019…

Hey guys,

I think this may be the longest I’ve gone without posting anything on here, I’m not proud but I really needed the break. So much has changed since I last wrote and a few of you have realized I’ve deleted some posts, I will address that in this post but I won’t get into it too much.

Starting with the elephant in the room and the reason many of you have been in my inbox, I did not move to Italy, I will not be moving to Italy and Nick & I are no longer together. There’s no major anything behind it, that’s just how it is.

Moving forward yes I am seeing someone new, I am the happiest I’ve been in a while. I did move back to Savannah and, I’m really focusing on myself, my mental health and the circle of friends I keep around me.

Sadly, this year did start out with a death in the family which nobody wants to start the year off that way but, it definitely made me think a lot and reevaluate my goals/mindset.

With all that being said, this year I’ve decided to;

  • Laugh more care less
  • Take breaks from social media and not feel guilty about it
  • Spend more time with my family
  • Grow as a blogger
  • Read more

To you guys this list may seem like the most basic thing in the world but it means a lot to me. I’ve always struggled with taking time for myself and caring about what people say or think and that’s very limiting especially when blogging. As for social media breaks my partner isn’t huge into social media and the more time I spend with him the more I’ve stepped away from my phone and been more involved in what’s going on and it’s working for me and our relationship so I intend to keep doing it.

What are some of your resolutions?!

“You can’t sit with us”

“You can’t sit with us”

Guys it’s literally October, I don’t know how we got here! I’m excited though because it’s my favorite outfit season! This past weekend I spent some time in South Carolina with my best friend and my second mother wedding dress shopping, She found her dream dress and now so have to keep that secret for a year, so help me God. Then we did the most epic shoot for her boutique! If you haven’t bought something from Shopjojo’s you’re seriously missing out! Also, right now she’s having a end of summer sale so get in there while everything is still available!

As many of you know mean girls day was 2 days ago and Ofcourse I’m fashionably late, but don’t worry I wore my pink on October 3rd and now you’ll have your chance too. The “you can’t sit with us” skirt dropped on October 3rd and is the perfectttt little skirt for fall. As a child I hated Corduroy, and my mum loved putting me in it. I can honestly say now at 23 this skirt is the best corduroy anything to have touched my body! It’s so soft and versatile and perfect to wear with booties! You can dress it up or you can pair it with the southern belle crop top just like I did! (My hips are 39 inches and I’m wearing a size small for reference!) it fit me pretty snug, but I have a small waist so it was perfect for me!

Keep in mind orders over $75 all qualify for free shipping. Happy fall y’all !

These red pants!

These red pants!

Who would’ve thought they’d see the day I was wearing color? My best friend that’s who.

These pants from express were perfect! I wore them to a job interview and whilst I didn’t get the job, I did have the wow factor and get a lot of compliments. Crop pants are clearly in this season, the job I did get has so many varieties of these pants in so many different colors that you’ll see me in them all autumn. So I’m going to link these bottoms here, and some similar ones here (also available in tan).

Hope you love them as much as I do!

Updated Workout Routine

Updated Workout Routine


Goodmorning beautiful people!

Super excited to be sharing my updated workout routine with you guys, my last one I did was back at the start of the year and things have changed! Initially I started out the year by using the kayla itsines sweat app, I believe I was doing the program introduced by Kelsey Wells called power. It definitely kicked my you know what but as I stated in my first post, I did a lot better with this program when I did it with my sister the year before just based on accountability.

BUT i’ve gotten my mojo back, mostly because since being home I’ve gained 10lbs of ‘I miss my man weight’ combined with just being home weight, so it was definitely time for me to take working out more seriously. so here’s the routine I’ve been following since July 23rd.

Monday; Chest & Tri’s

  • Barbell bench press 4×12
  • Incline dumbell press 4×12
  • Close grip dumbell press 4×12
  • Push-ups 3×12
  •  Tricep pullovers 3×12
  • Tricep rope pushdowns 3×12

Tuesday; Back & Bi’s

  • Bent over dumbell rows 4×12
  • Seated underhand close grip pulldowns 4×12
  • seated cable row 4×12
  • Standing low cable row w/rope 4×12
  • Pull ups 3×12
  • Lower back extensions 3×15

Wednesday; Legs- Glute & Hammie focus

  • Stiff leg deadlifts 4×12
  • Hamstring curls 4×15
  • Cable kickbakcs 3×12
  • Lower back extension/glute raise (slightly rounded back) 3×15
  • Abductor machines  3×15 (both sides)
  • Stair-stepper 30 minutes

Thursday; Bi’s, Tri’s & Shoulders

  • Dumbbell shoulder press 4×12
  • Barbell front raise 4×12
  • Dumbbell side raises 4×12
  • Standing bicep cable curls 4×12
  • Reverse grip curls 3×12
  • Overhead tricep extensions 4×12

Friday; Quads & Calves

  • Leg press 4×12
  • Quad extensions- 3×12
  • Weighted lunges 3×12
  • Calf raises- 10 toes forward, 10 toes in, 10 toes out
  • wall sits 3×30 seconds

Saturday Abs & Cardio

  • 1 Hour cardio of choice ( mine is the stair-stepper)
  • Various ab exercises; crunches, bicycle crunches, side to sides, planks

That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing, you can add weights as you get better at each exercise, never compromise form! I learned a lot of mine from Instagram and YouTube videos! Aim to complete at last 8-12 reps per exercise, 8 is the minimum. I also aim to do at least 20-30 minutes of cardio ( an hour on Saturday’s) everyday I workout, that’s personal it’s just me trying to lose some weight, but feel free to try! I hope you guys love this! Let me know if you try it and make sure you take before and after pictures!

Mother’s Day gift guide!

Mother’s Day gift guide!


Floral Robe Vanity Tray Picture Frame Tory Burch Purse  Kendra Scott Jewelry box MK watch  Eternity Roses


Mothers Day is right around the corner and if you haven’t gotten your gifts yet, you’re a little behind but never fear, my gift guide is here. From jewelry all the way down to flowers I’ve got you covered with ideas.

When I was younger me and my siblings would save up all of our lunch money to get my mum whichever gift we picked out, she was always surprised no matter what we showed up with.  We also used to make her a handmade card because we knew it was her favorite.  Now we’re older and can spoil her I take pride in trying to find something she’ll love, but you can truly never get your mother anything that compares to the love she has given you over the years.

I hope you guys enjoy the guide! I can’t reveal till later what I got for my mother as she’s probably reading this right now (Hi mama), you’ll see it on your day! What are some cute mothers day traditions you guys have?! and have you already gotten your gifts?!


Spring Wishlist

Spring Wishlist

Wishlist spread112
1. Marc Fisher espadrille 2. Full-Bloom Romper 3.Wrap Dress 4. Bamboo Tote (available in different sizes at different retailers!) 5. Poplin top

Spring has sprung! While it may be cloudy and damp outside right now and, only 46 degree’s I’m so excited for the warmer weather coming and all the flowers already blooming!

Today I wanted to share some of the pieces I have my eye on right now! I’ll be sure to attach links so you guys can shop them too. I am currently loving the espadrille platforms because honestly I love a good versatile shoe and I can see myself wearing it all spring and summer. I’ve also had my eye on a cool floral romper and wrap dress, one a little bit more muted and crisp that I can style up and the other you can go either way, dress it up or down but the pop of color is necessary! An off the shoulder look is a must have I feel like, they aren’t always the most functional but they are cute. Lastly, I started seeing this bamboo bag making an appearance last year, I hated it…it has grown on me so much, I don’t know why I hated this poor bag in the first place because it is literally perfect for the warm beach days and Summer vacations ahead.

I see some spring cleaning in my near future, it’s definitely time for me to put some pieces up on my poshmark and make space for new items.Be sure to follow me on instagram (@ArdeenAleena) as i’ll post my poshmark there along with the new items! I hope everyone is having a lovely spring so far, drop a comment below on some of your spring must haves!